Canadians don't support handgun bans and here's why

January 9, 2019

Canadians don't support handgun bans and here's why

The gun debate rages on across the country, with anti gun lobby groups PolySeSouvient and the Coalition for Gun Control spending freely to try and convince voters that Canadians support a ban on legal handguns and that gun owners are responsible for crime. 

While an enormous amount of resources and work has been dumped into their fantasy of killing sport shooting for millions of Canadians, the effort has been fruitless for the most part.

With endless funding, they have recently embarked on a campaign to portray Canadian sport shooters as the root of violence in our streets. We have seen the emergence of such ridiculousness as a temporary bullet statue and a massive glass box filled with empty brass in front of Toronto city hall.

A fresh new website and the adoption of a hashtag #TriggerChange has been added to this campaign, but has since been completely hijacked by gun owners, sick of the constant collective blame assigned to them by the aggressive anti gun lobby groups. Try using it on Twitter or Facebook and see the tens of thousands of posts by gun owners - demanding the government get to work on fighting crime.

Movie goers are subjected to pre-feature commercials when attending the cinema with their families, spreading the fear of gun owners across every day folks just trying to enjoy some family time. A short commercial plays, asking people to support their petition.

Billboards litter the highways and byways, repeating the message that gun owners are somehow responsible for gang violence and crime.

Ironic - if the focus was on criminal gun use, the very problem this country is faced with, they'd have our support. But that isn't the mandate of the CGC or PolySeSouvient. They have made it clear in recent interviews the focus is on legal gun ownership - the people not responsible for the violence. They want all the guns.

The purpose of their hashtag is to draw attention to a parliamentary e-petition asking for a handgun ban, sponsored by none other than Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control, a woman who has made a career out of attacking sport shooters and duck hunters.

That petition currently sits at 13 000 signatures.

There is a petition in opposition to a ban on handgun ownership by law abiding Canadians.

It has not been promoted, isn't featured on a special website, there are no billboards, doesn't appear on Cineplex commercials, doesn't have monuments erected in front of city hall in Canada's biggest city.

It currently has 35 000 signatures - without even trying.

But none of these grandiose theatrics are enough for the rabid anti gun lobby. 

They've taken it a step further by commissioning their own poll. Leger, a highly left leaning polling company in Quebec was commissioned to do a poll by PolySeSouvient. The poll states that 78% of Quebecers support the impending provincial long gun registry. 

But a closer look at this poll reveals the flaws;

1008 Quebec residents were polled.
There are 8, 400, 000 residents in Quebec
That’s 0.012% of Quebec residents who had a say
78% of that is 786 people
less than 800 people polled support this measure.

Quebec officials are reporting that compliance with the registry sits at less than 20%, an indication that this measure will fail to accomplish anything. Even the federal Liberals have committed to not introducing another registry due to the extreme expense with no public safety results we saw out of the last one.

Back to the ban:

The countries top cops have been very clear and vocal, they do not support a handgun ban on civilians.

Read more about law enforcement's opposition to a handgun ban:

Wendy Cukier sent out a fundraising letter recently to her supporters, quite literally FULL of lies and false data. Thanks to our friend Nick at The Gun Blog who got his hands on the letter, she actually tells recipients that a handgun ban is "within her reach". READ IT

Actually Wendy, with every story that comes out, with every Senator that writes, with the failed attempts to blame gun owners … maybe, just maybe, Canadians aren't buying it. Canadians aren't falling for your rhetoric anymore.

Canadians recognize it isn't your local IPSC shooter or duck hunter shooting up the streets of Toronto or Surrey. If you're trying to gauge the flavor for a ban with everyday Canadians, the gig is up. Sensible Canadians want credible work on crime, something you just aren't willing to suggest.

That's ok … we've got this.

Canadian gun owners and their families will continue to enjoy our sport safely and without risk to public safety.



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