Cukier's motion to intervene - CCFR court challenge

July 7, 2020

Cukier's motion to intervene - CCFR court challenge

A mini update from CCFR General Counsel Michael Loberg; 

Re: CCFR et al v Canada et al

We promised we would share the Coalition for Gun Control's intervenor application as soon as we were able, and now we are able... so here it is.

Fair warning, it's likely to aggravate you, at least a little.

We want you all to remember:

  • We are not funded by the government, directly or indirectly.
  • We don't have the Department of Justice, that unlimited source of legal talent, paid for by the taxpayer, on permanent retainer.

But we've got something better... we've got a sense of family in the CCFR ranging from our people to our businesses to our volunteers to our donors, and to our tiny little staff, and together we're not going to take this quietly. Not even a little.

Mainly, we've got you... and that's a good, good thing.

Oh, and we've also got the most talented lawyers money can buy on the case, and a serious case of total commitment. Total commitment.

That said, we need all the help we can get... you know this part.

It's a privilege to stand with you, and thank you for doing what you can, just like all of us.

READ THE MOTION: Motion Record (T-577-20)CGC


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