Current petitions that are important to sign...

January 15, 2016

Current petitions that are important to sign...

We currently have 3 important petitions that are being presented by members of parlement and the national assembly of Quebec... It is important to unite our voices and tell government our concerns... The three petitions:

The AR-15 petition!

Here we petition the government to remove the restricted classification of the AR-15 platform. It is long overdue that we are allowed to enjoy our ARs in the same way we enjoy our other non restricted long guns.

The Quebec Long Gun Registry!

If you are a resident of Quebec, you must sign this one. Quebec government has set-out to create a long gun registry that is bound to be used as an example by other provinces to tax gun ownership. This is a total waste of tax money and a complete overreach...

Code Property Rights in the Constitution!

Property rights are the basis on which all other rights rest. Gun rights are especially difficult to defend in abscence of a codified property rights. Property is sacred and here Shawn Bevins et Bob Zimmer are petitioning the government to amend the constitution to add protection of our property rights. An interesting read and a worthy cause to support.

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