Policy Memorandum


Registration of Firearms

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Passed by Policy Committee:

16 September 2015

Passed by Board of Directors

23 September 2015


There should be no requirement to register any firearms.

Rationale and Discussion:

We do not believe that the registration of firearms serves any useful purpose towards enhancing public safety. Rather than registering firearms, public safety is better served by regulating the people who seek to use them (licensing and training) and having strict penalties for using firearms in the commission of criminal offences.

The long-gun registry was an abject failure, only achieving a compliance rate of under 50% and costing billions of dollars. The long-gun registry was never used to solve a crime, much less to prevent any crimes. Criminals certainly did not register their firearms.

The current registration system has been misused as a way to confiscate firearms through irrational, unreasonable, arbitrary, and harmful changes in classification.

There is no reason to believe that the current registry of restricted and prohibited firearms serves any more a useful purpose than the long-gun registry did.