IBM to study, develop gun confiscation program

December 30, 2020

IBM to study, develop gun confiscation program

Ottawa, December 30, 2020 

Public Safety Canada has announced the awarding of a contract to IBM Canada to develop and study "Compensation Models and Program Design Options for a <Potential> Buyback Program for Recently Prohibited Firearms." The tender, which was listed October 16, 2020 came with an almost $2,000,000 price tag, keeping in mind this is solely for the study and development of a confiscation model and not for carrying it out. The actual confiscation program is expected to soar into the multi-billion dollar range, a substantial burden for taxpayers during hard economic times.

The gun grab will only apply to legally acquired firearms owned by licensed, RCMP-vetted gun owners. No crime guns or illicit firearms are included in the plan. No word from Public Safety yet on if they plan to ever address the rising gang violence we see plaguing our cities across the country.

This is a 2-phase process: 

Phase One will require the Contractor, by no later than February 8, 2021, to consult with other government departments, potentially consult with other levels of government, as well as additional experts in the industry to create compensation model options that include, at a minimum, the following:

  • Identification of a proposed compensation structure for each affected firearm;
  • Analysis of benefits and risks associated with each compensation model; and
  • Identification of other considerations that may impact the feasibility of each approach and/or model.

Phase Two of the work will be managed through a Task Authorization process and will include the review and revision, where required, of the program design steps and processes to align with the decision made at the end of Phase One. This phase will also include the implementation of the selected process options, associated controls and system improvements, if required.


For Phase One of the Work, the proposed period of contract will be from the date of Contract award to March 31, 2021.

The Contractor grants to Canada the irrevocable option to acquire the services for Phase Two of the Work for up to one additional two-year period under the same conditions.


More on this in the coming days including an official response from the CCFR.

We are only weeks away from our injunction hearing in federal court to "stay" the gun ban until a decision is made on the main case. To support this effort to save your guns and focus on crime instead, click HERE

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