Liberals release pathetic pricing scheme for "buyback"

July 28, 2022

Liberals release pathetic pricing scheme for "buyback"

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino proudly touted the price list for the government's legal gun confiscation program on Twitter today, completely tone deaf to the rash of shootings lately in the GTA (Liberal ridings).

The Liberal government is intent on moving forward with the massively expensive burden to taxpayers, after threats from anti gun lobbyists that they would no longer be welcomed at their annual memorial photo ops.

Below is the proposed price list from the Liberals. Note that firearms not specifically listed are considered to be variants of something on the list and will fall into that category. No real information or actual program is underway at this time.

As you can see, they will not be providing compensation for optics or other accessories, upgrades or investments made by licensed gun owners in good faith. The price list is offensively low and barely hits the 1/3 actual cost threshold. This price list is for individual firearms owners, and a separate list for businesses will be forthcoming, with even lower quotes.

A typical 50bmg can run anywhere from $4000 - $8000+ and not all AR-15's are created equal. This pricing scheme doesn't account for the variances between cheap knock offs and expensive custom rifles. Nor does it take into account the personal, family or cultural heritage or inheritance value.

This leaves licensed Canadian gun owners, who've complied with every law, purchased their legal property with the blessing of the RCMP firearms program, wondering what they will do to us next. The answer is unfortunately quite grim, as there are no signs this government has any intention of combatting actual crime, violence or gun smuggling anytime soon.

We will continue to pay the price for their political theatre while criminals with illicit firearms go untouched. In fact, Liberal Justice Bill C5 actually removes the minimum mandatory penalty for some very serious gun crimes. These bizarre moves have left experts, community safety advocates, law enforcement and criminologists wondering what on earth is going on with this government.

The CCFR continues the largest federal court battle in Canadian history on behalf of legal gun owners. With the amnesty for the gun ban extended until October 2023, that is well beyond the expectations for a court decision in our case. You can follow along, access every document and get scheduled updates HERE

We promised we would do everything possible to fight this gun ban and we meant it.

You can HELP.

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