Lobby Doctors erode trust with political activism - CALL TO ACTION

February 13, 2019

Lobby Doctors erode trust with political activism - CALL TO ACTION

Call To Action #2: Do they really have the endorsement for their radical political activism from our medical associations? Let's find out.

It is critical to the health of our relationships with our medical practitioners that Canadians are not judged or attacked merely for their legal sporting activities. In their recent web posts, Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns states that they are calling upon the government for;

"The introduction of legislation and other tools to reduce the prevalence of firearms, such as restrictions on gun ownership, an amnesty program to recover firearms currently in circulation".

They also very clearly call for a "ban on handguns and assault weapons" (yes I know their inexperience and lack of knowledge leads them to name things already banned for decades).

What's interesting is Dr. Najma Ahmed claims she has the full support of the following organizations;

The College of Family Physicians of Canada: info@cfpc.ca
Canadian Association of General Surgeons: cags@cags-accg.ca
Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians: sniemczak@caep.ca
Ontario Medical Association: info@oma.org
Alberta Medical Association: amamail@albertadoctors.org
Trauma Association of Canada: exec.director@traumacanada.org

We can't help but wonder if this tiny group of 6 doctors was clear with these respected organizations about how radical their lobbying was going to get? Did they explain their focus is on the "banning" of equipment used safely by millions of Canadians every day without issue?

It is completely unethical to bring an erroneous political position into the ER/OR. It is also unethical for these lobby doctors to be using their medical credentials to try and influence legislation that there is no evidence would have the impact they promise it will.

To be clear there is NO evidence that a ban on legally acquired sporting handguns will reduce crime and shootings in our country. Why is this small lobby group so radically pushing their agenda to end our sport. Our Olympic athletes are asking the same questions.

Banning Firearms has no impact on homicide and suicide

So here's how you can help; 

We need you to write to each of these organizations and ask them if they support the legislative demand by the Canadian Doctors for Protection From Guns.

  • Ask them if they can provide evidence that a ban on handguns would impact homicide and suicide numbers.
  • Ask them if they support the confiscation of legally acquired firearms of millions of vetted, licensed Canadians.
  • Ask them if they support physicians injecting themselves into political issues, using their name.
  • Ask them if a medical degree equates to being a firearms policy expert.
  • Ask them if they support the direct lobbying requests outlined on their page: http://www.doctorsforprotectionfromguns.ca/
  • Ask them if it is beneficial to the relationship between health care providers and patients to have physicians directly demanding legislation that affects millions of Canadians who have done nothing wrong to deserve this direct targeting
  • Ask them specifically what measures in C-71 they support

Demand a response to these questions, and the supporting evidence.

Let them know this lobby doctor group is publicly announcing that their organization or association does support this.

Send your responses to: tracey.wilson@firearmrights.ca

Please take 15 minutes and do this today. It's vital we get to the truth on this issue.

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