Public Safety launches "public consultations" on handgun ban

October 11, 2018

Public Safety launches "public consultations" on handgun ban

~Ottawa, October 11, 2018

The government of Canada is conducting it's "public consultations" of a ban on handguns and "assault weapons" across the country.

There will be two phases of this examination;

  1. an online "engagement" questionnaire DO THE QUESTIONNAIRE   and ...
  2. In-person stakeholder engagement sessions will be taking place across the country - by invitation only

It is vital that gun owners fill out the questionnaire as all bets are off on us being consulted in the in-person sessions.

You will notice that the Ministry of Public Safety refers to "assault weapons" as; "in general, assault weapons are semiautomatic firearms with a large magazine of ammunition that were designed and configured for rapid fire" as outlined in an expired US Department of Justice definition. We find it odd that they are unable to define this on their own. What does a "large magazine of ammunition" mean? Rifles mags are already pinned to 5 here.

So many questions, and you can count on the CCFR to be front and centre asking them. We will be exploring any and every opportunity to be included in the in-person stakeholder engagement sessions. Enough of this discussion taking place behind closed doors with no topic knowledge experts!

In the meantime, please take the time to do the survey and come up with thoughtful comments. Share this everywhere!

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