The CCFR- Political Activism Machine, Election 2019

November 10, 2019

The CCFR- Political Activism Machine, Election 2019

The dust has settled and the cards lay where they may. While the election results were not what we were aiming for, we "hit the targets" across the country with our bold, effective political advertising campaigns. Once again the CCFR created unique, modern and impactful ways to get our "pro-gun, anti-crime message out past our audience and straight to every day Canadians across the country.

How far will the CCFR go for gun owners? We continually stick our neck out, take political risks and reap the rewards of not hiding in the shadows or promising work is being done in some fictional top secret place.

We also continue to enjoy good working relationships with other organizations and partnered with our friends at the Saskatchewan Wildlife Association on a "Ralph Goodale billboard", highlighting the many failures of the Liberal government under the watch of this senior Minister. This billboard was a huge success, placed in a prominent location within his riding of Regina-Wascana.

Then, the boldest political activity of the entire election; The Integrity Tour. We took a rented 30ft long RV and wrapped it on all sides with a graphic targeting Trudeau, Goodale, Bill Blair, Mark Holland and Adam Vaughan - all the usual anti-gun suspects that continually launch attacks on gun owners. Rod Giltaca joined Tracey Wilson in Ottawa and the pair held their third parliamentary press conference on the Hill, a highly effective method of garnering mainstream media attention for our initiatives, and one practiced almost exclusively by the CCFR (the only firearm advocacy group based in Ottawa where legislation is crafted and debated).

The crew hit the road beginning October 2nd, starting in Justin Trudeau's home riding of Papineau and spent the next 14 days hitting the offices of Liberal MP's in the GTA and in every province all the way to Manitoba.

The most valuable piece of content for gun owners came out of this tour in way of the infamous Bill Blair video. If you haven't seen it yet, you're going to want to watch it right now:

With stops in so many Liberal held ridings, including a stop at notorious MP Bob Nault's office, we saw the defeat of many of our opponents - something the entire community can take satisfaction in. Goodale himself remarked how big an impact the various political advertising campaigns had on his eventual defeat.

The team kept members and other gun owners up to date with daily videos detailing the action plan for the coming day and some highlights from the day before. As Always, the CCFR is committed to complete transparency with our members, including them in our advocacy. You don't have to just trust us we are "doing something", we consistently show it in everything we do.

There is little doubt that the CCFR, our advocacy partners and friends, and gun owners in general played a huge role in diminishing the strength of the Liberal caucus and defeating some very important politicians along the way. There is still a lot of work to do, and the immediate threat to gun owners and our sport remains, although weakened.

In the coming weeks we will see the Liberals announce their re-built cabinet, appoint Ministers and reveal the contents of the mandate letters handed down by The Prime Minister. You can count on the CCFR to be right in the thick of the action, lobbying hard and crafting an entirely new set of campaigns.

While we spent some considerable resources over the course of the election, gun owners were very generous and we are beginning to be well-positioned for the next stage of this fight. The CCFR will be launching a series of programs, initiatives and projects that will top anything we have done to date (which is a long list) …

Your continued support will ensure the very best projects, people and tools will be implemented to protect your sport and the future of fir33earms ownership in Canada.

If you're not a member of the fastest growing, most effective and hardest working firearm rights organization in Canada, don't wait, join right now:

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