Why the Truth Matters - what does a handgun ban look like

October 11, 2018

Why the Truth Matters - what does a handgun ban look like

In late August of this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a mandate letter for Bill Blair.

For those of you not familiar with Blair, he’s the ex-Toronto cop turned Member of Parliament who was recently appointed to a brand new Ministry and given the title “Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Prevention”. The Tories have had a hay-day with this freshly created position, often calling him the “Minister of Nothing” since no actual department or government agency answers to him. The RCMP still answer to Goodale and the Minister of Immigration is still responsible for the CBSA as far as refugees and immigration is concerned.

So what is the plan for the shiny new Minister … it’s worse than you thought.

His job, primarily, is to assist Uncle Ralph in ensuring Bill C-71 gets passed AND to “lead an examination of a national ban on handguns and assault weapons, while not impeding their lawful use by Canadians” – there’s an oxy-moron if I’ve ever heard one.

What does this examination look like? Well, shortly after his orders came down from on high, Blair stood in committee and promised to conduct a full and balanced “public consultation” before the end of the calendar year.

To date, we have only found one event that could loosely be described as a public consultation, a Toronto area town hall, held 3 blocks from the Danforth, where “experts” on the panel showed a complete lack of knowledge of existing regulations, cited false stats, made questionable statements and refused to participate in any conversation with attendees. In fact, any questions or queries for Blair or his cherry-picked panel had to be submitted by form prior to the start of the meeting for vetting. With well over 60 gun owners who more or less “crashed” the party, not one of ours was read aloud.


It's clear that an honest, data driven conversation about handgun ownership isn’t going to happen with this government.

Let’s fast forward post-gun grab apocalypse ...

What would this look like for the average joe? What does a ban even mean? Would handguns be prohibited going forward and current owners be grandfathered into keeping them until death, or are we talking about law enforcement, coming to the homes of registered handgun owners and kicking in doors to take your property, by force?

This is a very slippery slope my friends.

Then what?

What will the raving Toronto Mayor or the terribly uneducated city councilors, or the line-toeing Police Chief say when the violence in the streets continues and the gangs and the police are the only ones left with their guns. Who will they blame when all our guns are gone and the bodies are still piling up? There has been no credible correlation made between legal gun owners and street violence, yet baby holding, hand shaking politicians are happy to stand at attention for the media cameras and pound their fists on the podiums while claiming they are “strengthening Canada’s gun laws” or these are “common sense measures”. All the while not one of them have spoken a word of truth through their pearly-white gleaming smiles, in fact they are happy to perpetuate a proven fallacy- a straight out blatant lie.

There is an ATIP that proves they lied.

So, why does the truth matter?

Because what kind of country will we be living in when innocent firearms enthusiasts who have done nothing wrong, who have obeyed and complied with every detail of every regulation, regardless of how ridiculous and burdensome they are, are having their doors kicked in, or are served with property destruction orders for crimes they had nothing to do with.

And the criminals?

They are left alone to run the streets of Toronto, and Surrey and "everytown" Canada because trying to combat them is hard work, really hard. It requires money, a lot of it, and experts, and training in crime and technology. It requires a "whole of government" approach, with collaboration by citizens, and programs and outreach centers and youth services and community involvement. It requires a non-partisan, all-hands-on-deck, everybody on board, full on attack.

It requires us to take back our streets, our neighborhoods, our country from the criminal element … and that can’t be done in one short election cycle. So instead, the low hanging fruit looks ripe for the plucking. And that’s you and I.

Call your MP, call Ralph Goodale, call Bill Blair.

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Because the Truth Matters

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