Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights

Who We Are

Rod Giltaca

CEO and Executive Director
Rod Giltaca is a highly experienced Canadian entrepreneur. His background includes over a decade of international business development in the manufacturing and software industries. Rod has registered intellectual property, founded venture-financed startup’s and engaged directly in business with some of the world largest corporations and government bodies such as Ford Motor Company, AT&T, Johnson Controls International, the United States Navy, Air Force and Marine corps.

Mr.Giltaca owns and operates one of Canada’s most recognizable training businesses Civil Advantage Firearms Training Ltd. In addition, Rod is an instructor in good standing with the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program.

Rod produces and hosts the largest (all Canadian) firearms related YouTube Channel, the “Civil Advantage Channel”. He is also the official spokesperson of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights.

Tracey Wilson

Vice President of Public Relations
Tracey has been on the CCFR team since its inception and was one of the original incorporating directors. As a founding member of the team her role and skills have seen her grow into a powerful, public facing advocate. Tracey is the Vice President of Public Relations for the CCFR, Canada’s only in-house registered gun lobbyist and an avid hunter and sport shooter. Her political influence coupled with her tenacious spirit makes this lady an asset to the team.

Tracey always puts the best interests of the organization and its members first and has a special rapport with the membership and supporters of the CCFR. She brings with her great experience in the inner workings of Not for Profit and governance in Canada. She had an article published in a women’s hunting magazine, detailing her experiences in the mountains hunting with her teen daughter.

As a passionate advocate for women and youth in our sport, she embraces the new shooter and encourages education and awareness. Tracey completed her IPSC Canada Black Badge training and recently attended the CAPS threat-management, Use of Force firearms training. Tracey looks forward to the continued momentum and incredible growth we have seen since our early days.

Jamie Elliott

President and Director for Ontario
Jamie grew up around guns and never really gave them a second thought. His youth is filled with memories of plinking away the weekends at the cottage and trips with the shotgun to the farm. He was very much born into Canadian gun culture however never really appreciated this until that fateful day that his dad suggested he was going to take the guns down to the police station and get rid of them. (His father refused to register them and didn’t agree with the new licensing scheme) Now realizing just how important these family heirlooms were Jamie went and got his license.

Jamie has been an avid outdoorsman all his life. Graduating the Outdoor Recreation program, with honours, from Seneca college helped transition his adventuring pastimes into paying professions. Always on the look out for the next great adventure he has been active and excelled in all manners of outdoor pursuit. From the canoe trips in Algonquin park to the rock climbing all over North America, working as a rafting guide on the Ottawa river to a High Angle Rescue instructor in BC. Most recently he has been involved with heavy equipment operations in the oil fields of northern Alberta and as a general contractor in the Simcoe/Muskoka region of Ontario, Jamie has an extremely broad range of experiences that helps him understand and work with all types of people.

As the current VP of the Field Officer Program with the CCFR, Jamie has been highly active in running the CCFR during its infancy. Jamie is looking forward to being more involved and helping to guide the CCFR in a more advanced role as one of the Ontario Directors.

Tyler Lawrason

Director, Alberta
I was born and raised in Alberta, and have been a passionate hunter, firearms collector and enthusiast my entire life. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything over the years, from handgun silhouette (IHMSA) to long range to hunting and competing with muzzleloaders and BPCR’s.

I have been a proud CCFR member for over two years, and have had the distinct honour of serving as a Field Officer and an Officer of the organization for most of that time in the capacity of VP of Government Relations.

As our organization grows and becomes more influential, I feel it is critical to have our members’ interests represented on the Board of Directors enthusiastically, professionally and with the diversity of experience necessary to ensure that we continue to serve and advocate for law abiding gun owners as effectively as possible.

I have fifteen years of experience in governance and public sector management, in addition to a number of years as a business owner. I believe my skillset has a useful place at the Director’s table, and I feel that my experience and education can provide valuable input on advocacy, governance and financial management that will help continue to guide and evolve the CCFR in a positive direction, while building upon the outstanding work that’s been done to date.

I’ve found my experiences with the CCFR over the past couple of years to be extremely rewarding, and have been incredibly proud of how our approach has gained such a significant amount of traction in that time. It has been a distinct honour to be exposed to such a diverse group of people with different interests and common goals, and I’m excited to be a part of our present and future progress.

Richard Bone

Director, Alberta
I started in the shooting sports as an 8-year-old boy living in 1970’s Southern Ontario. My father and I would be at the Lambton Sportsman Club twice weekly shooting rifle one day, and trap/skeet another. These early days were indeed centered around the specific safety concerns that allowed for many years of enjoyment, and lessons in discipline that carried on into my adult life. From a short time with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves 11th Field Artillery, to now being a hunter, and target shooter, and personal involvement with volunteering in not only firearms specific avenues, but also being involved with my Electoral District Association for three years now with one year as their Elected President. A lot certainly has changed since those early days.

As a member/FO/RFOC since the very beginnings of the CCFR, it has been a distinct pleasure to be involved with the growth and reach of this organization where it pertains to all aspects of firearms ownership, the myriad sports, traditional hunting heritage, and competitive components included. I served in the afore-mentioned roles with an emphasis always being on expansion, and inclusion of every facet of Canadian shooting sports, regardless of stereotypes and division perceived within the community at large. We are in this together.

Scott Bell

Director, British Columbia
Scott Bell grew up on a hobby farm in a family where he had little to no exposure to any shooting sports. A youthful interest in ‘the cowboy way’ and a Wild West type lifestyle drew Scott to seek out like minded peers and the opportunity to live the dream on the farm. Because of associations with kids from families who were more outdoorsy, at around 10 years old, Scott got an early exposure to firearms, and has enthusiastically spent the last 37 years hunting and fishing all over British Columbia, and being active in many different disciplines of target shooting. Firearm safety and responsible ownership was engrained in him from day one. Scott has always had a passion for the country lifestyle, outdoors, archery, prospecting, and wilderness survival. He was born and raised on Southern Vancouver Island, where with his small family, he still calls home.

To pay the bills, Scott transitioned right out of high school and started his working career in construction, but has also attended the University of Victoria taking Computer Studies and Information Technologies academics. For the last 18 years however, Scott has worked for the Canadian Coast Guard as a Rescue Specialist on board the different Coast Guard ships and vessels servicing Canada’s typically inhospitable West Coast.

Even before the CCFR, Scott openly preached about the need for firearms owners to get involved with organizations actively supporting our hobbies and lifestyles. Scott joined the CCFR in November 2015 and began spreading the word on his own for the need of a responsible and accountable firearms advocacy group, before becoming an active Field Officer. Since then, he has taken on the role of Regional Field Officer Coordinator for Vancouver Island, and can be found promoting the Organization at every opportunity. Scott is extremely enthusiastic about the multitude of new projects coming down the way in the near future with the CCFR, and hopes to be an active participant in the delivery and execution of them.

Reese Yearwood

Director, British Columbia
You may know me, Reese “Yankee” Yearwood best as an administrator for the thriving and more than 40,000 strong Facebook discussion group. I was born and raised in British Columbia and have been around firearms all my life. I am a hunter, firearms collector, and shooter of a broad range of firearms ranging from antiques to many of those falling afoul of our current governments new regulations. I was a member of the CCFR from the very early days and I’ve been volunteering with the organization since late 2016.

As someone that has been on the wrong end of many recent “reinterpretations” of firearms law and regulation in Canada I strongly believe in a full re-write of the Firearms Act resulting in a rational and common sense system that anyone with a ruler and a pair of eyes can understand. I believe the only route to this kind of political change is the education of the public and politicians both, making the CCFR a natural fit for me. The current overreach is driving me to be ever more involved and more active in advocating for gun rights.

I feel strongly about the inclusive nature of the shooting sports and the CCFR as an organization. I’ve committed myself as a Field Officer and member of the social media administration team to ensuring that the CCFR remains an inclusive, welcoming, and non-partisan organization, and I will bring that passion to the Provincial Director role. I bring prior board experience as a multi year director of my local Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association, experience volunteering during an election campaign, and many years of public service in a dynamic field requiring good judgment, decisiveness, rational thought, and consideration for the views of diverse stakeholders. I also have experience with other non-profit organizations.

Mark Michie

Director, Manitoba
Firearms have always held an important and growing part in my life. As a youth, many hours were spent on squirrel and gopher control. In university, my first handgun was purchased to pass the evenings and Saturdays away from home. My first of many deer was taken in my early twenties, and now the next generation comes along for the hunt. Seven of my eight children have taken deer here on the farm and 2020 is the first hunting season for number eight!

Training horses for a living, it was only natural that I give Cowboy Mounted Shooting a try, and have thoroughly enjoyed that when I can find the time to get to a competition.

In recent years I went through the process of getting a range approved here at home to help pass on the love of firearms to the next generation and the surrounding community.

In 2017 I became a CCFR Field Officer in Manitoba and have really enjoyed promoting the CCFR and our message to the public. Along the way I have become more politically active, getting involved in my local MP's Electoral District Association as well as repeatedly writing, calling and presenting to various politicians to let them know where I stand on firearm related issues.

Becoming a CCFR Director in 2020, I look forward to doing more to mobilize Manitoba firearm owners in the fight for the freedoms that we have been blessed with here in Canada. I'm proud to be involved in the CCFR - the best advocates for firearm owners Canada has ever had.

Randy MacDonald

Director, Nova Scotia
Randy grew up in a small town in Cape Breton, and started hunting when he was around 12 years old. He moved to Halifax when he was 19 but never owned a firearm until he was in his 30s.

He joined The CCFR in February 2017 and immediately started volunteering as a Field Officer.

Since joining, he has gone to gun shows and outdoor sports shows representing the CCFR in a kind and professional manner. He often takes new shooters to the range and enjoys introducing people to the hobby.

Randy has just recently started a new career and as such has stepped into a new stage of his life. He is excited to be the Director for Nova Scotia and is looking forward to what the future has in store.

Kelly Kincaid

Director, Ontario
I have been a member and a Field Officer since the CCFR’s inception. I have held many positions within the organization: Field Officer, Regional Field Officer Coordinator, Provincial Coordinator, and I am currently serving as the VP of Special Events. I have helped grow the Field Officer Program in Ontario, volunteering at shows, Ladies Days, and other Events across the Province. I am a part of the Calendar Project and various other Committees within the Organization.

Since COVID-19 has severely impacted my role, it’s important to adapt and overcome. I am an IPSC shooter and Match Director for my club, a Mapleseed Instructor in Training, Hunter, and an overall lover of guns!

Sandro Abballe

Director, Quebec
Sandro has volunteered with the CCFR as a Field Officer, since August 2016, and during that time he has dedicated much of his time and energy to working with like-minded people in the Field Officer program to protect and enhance the rights and freedoms of Canadian gun owners. He has grown immensely in his knowledge and understanding of not just firearms advocacy and education, but also the sociopolitical environment surrounding the community. He is genuinely passionate about the cause and has made it his goal to help propagate this passion throughout the country, to the point that shooting sports are as commonplace and normal as soccer and hockey.

In his professional career, he is a certified Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspector as well an Architectural Hardware Consultant. He also has experience working in non-profit organizations and their often-complicated decision making processes, being the Director of the Canadian Eastern Region for the Door and Hardware Institute Canada. As a conservative-leaning individual on many issues, Sandro’s Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Science has given him a valuable and unique understanding of, and perspective on, the social and political issues surrounding gun ownership in Canada. He takes a strong sense of pride in the way his education and upbringing has taught him to evaluate every situation and issue he is facing, weighing the various pros and cons of each, and form a rational opinion based on evidence and sound thinking.

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