Bill S-223 dies a deserved death in the senate

November 18, 2016

Bill S-223 dies a deserved death in the senate

Canadian firearms owners everywhere breathed a sigh of relief as retired Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette’s Bill S-223 died the quiet death it deserved in the senate.

Hervieux-Payette tabled this bill for the second time, just as she was slated for mandatory retirement, possibly as some desperate effort to leave behind a legacy.

Canadian firearms owners answered the "call to action" by writing to their senators and social media was abuzz with questions and concerns. Thankfully the bill had little to no support from sitting Senators and was dropped from the order paper on November 3, 2016, robbing Hervieux-Payette of her hopes of living on through it.

More information on Senate Bill S-223 can be found here. Bill S-223 dead


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