RCMP prohibit CZ 858 Spartan Rifle

January 10, 2017

RCMP prohibit CZ 858 Spartan Rifle

In yet another new interpretation of the regulations, the RCMP has classified a batch of CZ 858 Spartan rifles as prohibited based on some new engravings, which change nothing as far as functionality.

Conservative MP & Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus, Bob Zimmer had this to say in an official statement on his website; "This is another example of bureaucracy overstepping and making snap judgements that do nothing but cost law-abiding gun owners and manufacturers unnecessarily. The justification that is given for this particular prohibition is that there are markings on the receiver, stock, pistol grip and handguard that make it a special edition. Given that this “special edition” isn’t specifically named as an exemption they have decided to label it as prohibited."

CCFR President Rod Giltaca responded to the news from his home in British Columbia, "As most of us know, the RCMP has again made the wrong choice in choosing politics over public safety. I have sent a message to my contact at Public Safety to see if they are motivated to look into this. Why the RCMP's actions are wrong and against the general interests of Canadians is obvious. What may not be as apparent are the implications of the basis on which the RCMP generated a new FRT. At this point, it seems this was based simply on a ...new engraving or marking of the receiver. What are the implications here? Any unprecedented markings or inscriptions create new firearms in need of classification? What about the 100's of thousands of custom engraved firearms that have been imported over the past 20 years? Not to mention any additional UN related markings originating before import.

This is yet another serious precedent. While we see what we can do about this latest scandal, you can help by writing to your MP. Include the reasoning above and a link to the article below as well as our explainer video. Email and hard copy letters work.

Stay tuned..."

Read MP Bob Zimmer's official statement here

Canadian Firearms Blog story

Watch for more on this at Gun Debate.ca


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