The first 60 days after the gun ban - CCFR leading

July 20, 2020

The first 60 days after the gun ban - CCFR leading

The CCFR has been working non-stop, day and night since the Liberal government dropped a sweeping gun ban on legal Canadian gun owners on May 1. Here's what we've done in the first 60 days after the ban:

  • The CCFR launched the largest legal action on behalf of gun owners in Canadian history.
  • We amassed a social media task force of over 9000 people organized to overwhelm the online narrative of those who would lie about gun owners.
  • We have leveraged our court case into a $200,000 media campaign to attract the interest of non-gun owning Canadians to our fight. This includes a sponsored article, an infographic and an open letter published in 16 newspapers across the entire country. National Post\Financial Post, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Regina Leader Post, Windsor Star, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Kingston Whig-Standard, London Free Press and Sun newspapers in Edmonton, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto.
  • The CCFR's Media Campaign was supported by online banner advertising, a new explainer video, audio ads on streaming music services like Spotify and Apple music and more.
  • We developed and financed two 1-hour TV specials for WildTV and online distribution to tell our side of the story. over 60,000 people have watched these two shows. PART 1 PART 2
  • We are developing another 1-hour special for Sportsman channel and online distribution to air this August.
  • We have sponsored updated television commercials on both Canadian outdoor channels to generate support from hunters for our fight.
  • The CCFR posted townhall videos for all four Conservative Party candidates to help gun owners make an informed choice in the upcoming leadership election.
  • We represented gun owners in over 70 mainstream media appearances since May 1st. including CBC syndicated interviews nationwide.
  • We worked with hunting legend Jim Shockey to create and distribute three videos to raise awareness and get hunters involved. These videos were seen over 500,000 times in just 10 days.
  • Starting June 23rd, the CCFR’s Canada Downrange Season 2 began running weekly on YouTube as a tool to be shared with all Canadians. This is an incredible resource to show non-gun owners what our community and culture really is, despite what the media wants to show them.
  • We sponsored a 3-page ad in CATF to let Canadian gun owners that someone is working day and night on their behalf.


This is what the CCFR did for our community in just 60 days. Will you be a part of this effort and join or donate? 



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