CCFR Legal Update; Injunction Filed

September 28, 2020

CCFR Legal Update; Injunction Filed

From the head of our legal team, CCFR General Counsel Michael Loberg;

CCFR et al v Canada Update

I owe you an update, and here it is. The CCFR legal team has been incredibly busy and very productive. On the other hand, the Government of Canada has been obstructive and generally "less than completely genuine".

The members of the CCFR and our supporters have quite rightly expressed concern about the amnesty period clocking out before our case is heard (and this case is massive, so that's a real issue).

Attached is our Injunction Application as served, to show you what we're doing about that. We'll be providing a more fulsome report to follow, with the details that we are able to disclose at this time.

Also, our evidence served for this injunction application will follow. While the case for getting an injunction against presumptively valid regulations is very, very difficult (so have realistic expectations), we've left nothing out... not one thing. Personally, I know this is the best shot this could get.

Here is a comprehensive listing of the affidavits of our team:
As an aside, you may have heard me say in "Broken Trust" that this is the largest, most expensive and most comprehensive case the Canadian firearm community has ever had advanced on its behalf, and that's unquestionably true. The CCFR v Canada case is a monster. The legal team you have is exceptional, and larger that has ever been deployed in this fight in the history of ever. It's a privilege to be involved in it on your behalf, and an honour to have your support for it.
Here we go... enjoy the read. CCFR Notice of Motion-Injunction CCFR v Canada. Notice of Motion - Injunction (00047724xD5450) (1)

Also, as you know, the CCFR filed a series of ATIP's for the information used by the Liberal government in their decision to implement this gun ban. What evidence did they use to determine the ban is not only necessary, but a priority.

Here is the response from the DOJ, who state that all that evidence is not relevant to the court case - you know, the federal court challenge to the gun ban itself?

Letter to FC re 318 Objection with attachments (00047726xD5450)

It's obvious to everyone that the evidence likely doesn't support the government's decision to ban hundreds of thousands of guns from legal gun owners.

In any event - we push forward and will circle back with you all once we receive a decision in our injunction application.

You can help us with this fight, as the legal bills continue to mount by donating directly to our legal fund. 

Let's STOP the gun ban!!

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